House Rules

A few things you need to know. We have some very simple house rules that we wish you to follow, they are pretty basic, and it’s all about respecting your neighbors – the same as you would do back home.

Smoking & Illegal Activities
Do not use the premises for any illegal activity including pornography. Smoking is strictly not permitted in the apartment or public areas as per the law. Illegal drug use is punishable by death sentence.

Clean your dirty dishes before departure. Dispose of garbage as soon as possible to prevent insects and bad smells. Do not leave your shoes in the corridor, instead leave them on the shoe rack. Our family are allergic to pets, therefore no pets allowed inside the apartment.

Party & Disturbances
Please respect other people who live there permanently, therefore no parties or events, and quiet time is after 9 pm.  Strictly no unregistered guest inside the apartment – this is for your safety and other people also. 

Turn off all lights, air conditioning & electrical appliances when you leave the room.  Do no leave the water running. Let’s save the planet for the next generation.